ESPN Video Games had him at 12-1 odds, but Nashville City Paper is reporting that Vince Young will be on the cover of Madden 2008. This is awful news for Titans fans, of course, who have had enough experience with the Madden Curse โ€” Eddie George was Patient Zero of this little game โ€” to be awfully wary.

Young will be announced as the cover boy on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" tonight, where the host will corner him and basically be a sanctimonious ass about heel-snippers trying to take down world class celebrities like himself. While this is proof that the Wonderlic rating will never be a major factor on Madden, it's also telling that Peyton Manning didn't make the cover. No matter how many kids he pegs in the head with footballs, he'll just never be hip enough to make it. Maybe, someday, he'll make Kenny Chesney Guitar Hero.

Young To Grace Cover Of Madden 08 [Nashville City Paper]