Our nation's educational system is in serious peril. How do we know? ESPN First Take's Jay Crawford is now showing up to massage our youth's tender young brains.

Crawford, who's a perfectly serviceable talking head who is a part of that whole sexual harassment lawsuit, ended up speaking to a group of college students last evening, and he claims that Skip Bayless is, of all things, an intense studier of game film.

At staff parties celebrating the show's anniversary, Bayless would often lock himself in a room by himself and watch games instead of hanging out with his co-workers, according to Crawford. Also, if Bayless came across a great game, he would TiVo it and watch the game, play-by-play, the next day.

This is a terrifying notion. We always assumed Bayless' histrionics were the result of ignorance. But if he actually has studied and believes all this crap ... Lord a heavens, his brain is an even scarier place that we imagined.


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