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Behold: This Skymall Ad Is The Only Thing That Still Believes In Jeff Francoeur

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Your morning roundup for July 31, the day we realized we would never eat again. See anything that might interest us? Email the tips line. Skymall ad via Alan.

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What we watched: Yankees-Baltimore, in the Bronx, second half of a doubleheader, bottom first:

Zach Britton pitching for Baltimore
D Jeter struck out looking.
C Granderson singled to center.
M Teixeira walked, C Granderson to second.
R Cano singled to left, C Granderson scored, M Teixeira to second, M Teixeira to third on throwing error by left fielder N Reimold.
N Swisher safe at first on error by shortstop J Hardy, M Teixeira scored, R Cano to second.
A Jones doubled to deep left center, R Cano scored, N Swisher to third.
R Martin singled to right, N Swisher scored, A Jones to third.
E Nunez singled to center, A Jones scored, R Martin to second.
B Gardner reached on infield single to pitcher, R Martin to third, E Nunez to second.
D Jeter singled to right, R Martin and E Nunez scored, B Gardner to second, B Gardner to third, D Jeter to second advancing on throw.
J Berken relieved Z Britton.
C Granderson struck out swinging.
M Teixeira doubled to right, B Gardner and D Jeter scored.
R Cano singled to center, M Teixeira scored.
N Swisher homered to right, R Cano scored.

Baltimore is not expected to be a buyer at today's trade deadline.

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What we're watching: We're watching the Jets' second cornerback slot, because the game of musical corners is coming close to an end, and Antonio Cromartie and New York look like the last two dancers still on the floor. First Johnathan Joseph signed with Houston. Then Nnamdi Asomugha went to the Eagles. Now the Bengals have Nate Clements, previously released by San Francisco. The Ravens re-upped Chris Carr. Nickelback Drew Coleman signed with Jacksonville. Yeah, the Jets brought back Donald Strickland, but he's played 16 games in only one of his nine seasons. When healthy, he's a third corner at best.

What was on Wednesday shaping up to be the league's most fearsome defense is now going to look a lot more like the very good defense that brought the Jets to the past two AFC championship games, with years of attrition added onto the older guys: Bart Scott, Bryan Thomas and Jim Leonhard. Methuselahs Shaun Ellis and Jason Taylor might both be back, or both might leave. The team still doesn't have an impact pass rusher, although a couple of Jets draft picks—neither of whom, thankfully, is Vernon Gholston—could fill the role. That's probably the most important dream Nnamdi crushed: he and Revis could have played on islands, freeing up the safeties to blitz. Instead, that second corner's going to be another Cromartie or Lito Sheppard—actually, both are free agents!—a false prophet who winds up keeping the Jets defense from otherworldly status. Poor Rex.



Uh (Bald) Oh: "The announced deal (pending a physical) for the Cleveland Indians to acquire Ubaldo Jimenez would constitute a very good return for the Colorado Rockies but is absolutely the wrong move for Cleveland given the team it has and the position of the franchise for the next several years. The main problem for Cleveland here is that it is incorrectly evaluating its own team — the Indians shouldn't be buying, and while I could forgive them for not selling, that would be the smarter move for a team still trying to rebuild." [ESPN]


Delayed payday for Pey: "In one of the oddest negotiations in the N.F.L.'s current free-agency frenzy, Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning agreed to a contract Saturday that will not give him the highest annual salary in the game - even though his team owner vowed more than a year ago to give him a deal that would make him the highest paid player in N.F.L. history." [NYT]

No patience in Philly: "Better yet, why are some so quick to give up on Domonic Brown as a lost cause? If anything, Philadelphia should be somewhat accustomed to slow starts. Chase Utley, Cole Hamels and even Mike Schmidt started their Philly careers without blowing everybody away, yet with patience, coaching and experience, they are turned into excellent players. Brown has the potential to be the next Philly star, better than the guy he's rumored to possibly be traded for. If only we're given the chance to see it happen." [Crashburn Alley]


We think this "acquire all the worst Cowboys" strategy is probably doomed: "Bears coach Lovie Smith always claimed to be a Cowboys fan, but no one could have imagined this. The team agreed to terms with running back Marion Barber on a two-year deal, the third ex-Cowboy to join the team in the last two days. Barber joins former Dallas teammates Roy Williams and Sam Hurd on the Bears' roster." [Chicago Tribune]

Eagles fans are gonna be even less patient: "The Philadelphia Eagles signed free agent defensive lineman Cullen Jenkins to a five-year contract on Saturday and traded former defensive tackle Brodrick Bunkley to the Cleveland Browns for a fifth-round pick in next year's draft. A league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter that Jenkins' deal is worth $25 million. Jenkins is the fifth major acquisition for the Eagles, who signed free agent cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha on Friday." [ESPN]


NLCS bulletin board material: "Lincecum seemed floored by Charlie Manuel's quotes, especially the velocity part, saying, "They had a guy named Moyer right? (Referring to lefty junkballer Jamie Moyer.) Talk to him about that one." "It's probably just frustration speaking," Lincecum said. "When it comes down to it, it's not what a person says, it's about what goes on, on the field. There are guys who can dominate throwing 85, and there are (hitters) who can hit 97. This is the major leagues. It comes down to execution." [SF Chronicle]

Freestyle bowling interlude:

It's not Jimenez, but it's something: "Instead, they got a glimpse of their future.
Jacob Turner, Detroit's top prospect, allowed two runs and three hits in 5 1-3 innings of his major league debut, a 5-1 loss to the Los Angeles Angels. He walked three and struck out six.
"This has been the most unbelievable day of my life," said Turner, who only found out on Friday that he was going to get a 24-hour trip to the big leagues. "It was incredibly hectic, and I haven't gotten much sleep, but it was incredible."" [AP]


We are all Dave McKenna CLXII: Here's your daily link to Dave McKenna's brilliant "Cranky Redskins Fan's Guide to Dan Snyder," which we'll be posting until Dan Snyder's dumbs libel lawsuit gives Braylon Edwards a billion dollars guaranteed.

Philly will strip Hunter Pence of his enthusiasm soon: ""The Astros did a lot for me," he said. "All of my teammates, we've all been through a lot. That kind of adversity gives you a different type of asset you can never get unless you go through it. I love those guys. I want the best for them. I think they're all happy that I have this opportunity to play here. "Now I'm in a place where they really want me and we have a chance to do something special, to create some historic moments for Philadelphia and for the game of baseball. It's an unbelievable opportunity, and I couldn't be more grateful."" []