There may be no parking and no development around it, but, by cracky, the Lerners got their stadium. And D.C. got to chase all the gay clubs and small businesses away from the Navy Yard. Hooray! Gentrification isn't just for Columbia Heights! America's past pastime gets underway on its own shores and we Leitch couldn't be any happier.

Interesting that the Braves should be the inaugural opponent at the ballpark tentatively known as Nationals Park for the one-game homestand. There's the obvious Stan Kasten connection, not to mention that some are saying that the stadium evokes Turner Field.

But nuts to all that. It's baseball! Let's have Lastings Milledge and Elijah Dukes beat some people up!

UPDATE: Here's video of Bush getting booed lustily by the D.C. crowd. Hey, shock of shocks that a city that went 90 percent for John Kerry in 2004 wouldn't give Bush 43 a warm reception.


H/T: 700Level

(Note: I didn't get the running presidents gig. I knew I couldn't grow up to be president! Don't try! Quit'cher daydreamin', melonhead!)