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Believe In The Flying Bracketti Monster

Everyone has their Sharpie and blank bracket, right? Okay, good. I entrust you also have your empty NIT and CBI — yeah the new 16-team tournament — brackets as well. You'll get to squiggle the teams into those little lines soon enough.

They will provide printable, store-bought brackets on the Internet somewhere I imagine, perhaps on this very site even. (I fell asleep at the Gawker Media production meeting this morning, to be honest.) But there's no greater joy out of making your own. It's like a little DIY project.


Yoco Hoops found that, given the consensus among mainstream bracket rune casters, there are essentially seven teams vying for four final at-large berths in the NCAA championship tourney, conference finals upsets notwithstanding. If Georgia's NoDoz-inspired run continues against Arkansas (and great Buddha on a seesaw, it is), then Arizona State or Ohio State might get squeezed out of the picture in the spirit of that one The Price Is Right game.

And once the dust settles, there will be peace tonight. Use it well, and be sure to get all your work for the week done by Wednesday. It'll basically sit in that manila folder thereafter.

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