Ben Simmons Shouts Out Australian Hero "Egg Boy" On His Sneakers

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Ben Simmons, the terrific Australian point-forward capably leading the mostly Joel Embiid-less 76ers down the stretch in the East’s playoff race, used a pen and some spectacularly clashing yellow sneakers Tuesday night to shout out Will Connolly, the 17-year-old hero who smashed an egg on the head of vile Australian senator Fraser Anning.

Egg Boy famously took a beating from Anning and his nightmare supporters for smashing a raw egg on the senator’s head at a right-wing rally in Melbourne. Anning, from Queensland, is the complete piece of shit who issued a statement following Thursday’s coordinated mass shootings at mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, blaming Muslims for an assault coordinated and carried out by white-supremacist internet maniacs:

Let us be clear, while Muslims may have been the victims today, usually they are the perpetrators. World-wide, Muslims are killing people in the name of their faith on an industrial scale.

The entire religion of Islam is simply the violent ideology of a sixth-century despot masquerading as a religious leader, which justifies endless war against anyone who opposes it and calls for the murder of unbelievers and apostates.

The truth is that Islam is not like any other faith. It is the religious equivalent of fascism. And just because the followers of this savage belief were not the killers in this instance, does not make them blameless.


Simmons is arrogant and confrontational and easy to root against, but his takes on current events and world affairs are rock solid.