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I hope you enjoyed the 48-hour period in which a "FREE CHRIS HENRY" t-shirt was appropriate. Save them, though, you never know when they'll be relevant again. The "troubled" wide receiver was released from prison on Saturday morning after a two-day stretch, slid out a side entrance, and hopped in a black Escalade and went... well, I assume he went home, because the clubs aren't open on Saturday mornings.

Meanwhile, the Bengals organization has a new number that players can call anytime they need a designated driver. It's sadly necessary, but all kidding aside, that's a great idea. All teams should do this. Find some guy who doesn't drink, give him a car and about 1/8th of what Chris Henry makes, and tell him he's on call to drive drunken Bengals around, 24/7/365. And whoever this guy is ... he has some stories to tell. This is also a great way to spot problem behavior, such as guys calling the number for a ride home from practice.


And in even more Bengals news, a coffee-shop owner in Ohio has put a sign outside advertising free coffee to any sober professional football player. It's a noble effort, but they need the coffee to sober them up when they're drunk. No player has ever taken him up on the offer, but that's probably because the only time any Bengal is sober, he's at practice or in a team meeting.

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