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Benny The Bull Will Put A Cap In Your Ass

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When talking about illegal mascot shenanigans, no one, of course, beats the drunken exploits of the Stanford Tree. But running a close second is Benny the Bull, the only NBA mascot with a criminal record for battery on a police officer. On Tuesday he was at it again, shooting the Celtics' Kevin Garnett and James Posey from behind with a T-shirt gun. Seems a bit unwise to me.


"I felt threatened," said Posey, who is considered a villain among Bulls fans for his tough fouls when he played for Miami, and was booed every time he touched the ball last night. "They already don't like me here already. Two T-shirts were thrown at me and KG. I don't feel safe. The T-shirts were fired out of that gun or whatever. I feel a little sore in one spot. I might have to get treatment."

OK, that might not have been the manliest of quotes. But let's not lose sight of what's important here: At what point do the police get involved and end Benny's reign of terror? I propose that Lucky the Leprechaun is recruited by the Massachusetts State Police to go undercover, where he reports directly to Martin Sheen.

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