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You're probably tired of hearing about NBA mascots attacking the police while driving mini-motorcycles at outdoor festivals โ€” we know we are โ€” but this one has a slight twist. The mascot, Benny the Bull of the Chicago Bulls, threw a punch at a sheriff's deputy, knocking off his glasses. The best part (to us) is that, when the police tried to stop Benny, he ran. He had naturally assumed that he could get away and blend into the crowd, while wearing a bright red Bull costume and riding a tiny motorcycle. Barry Anderson, 27, was charged with misdemeanor battery and driving within a parkway.

Oh, and this was the last graph of the AP story: "In 2005, another Bulls mascot, Da Bull, was sentenced to probation for 11/2 years for possession of cannabis with intent to deliver."

Thankfully, Ben Wallace heard of none of this before he signed.

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