The Bernard Hopkins Gets Honored By Politicians For Beating Up A Haitian-Canadian Kid Tour rolled into the Pennsylvania State House this week.

Whereas, it was all about a legislator from Philadelphia honoring a 46-year-old boxer who "toppled" Jean Pascal to win the WBC Light Heavyweight World Championship victory to become the oldest fighter in boxing history to win a significant world title.

Whereas, it was also about his "tenacious pursuit of excellence."

Whereas, "the Chair recognize[d] the Champ" to talk to the elected officials in the room.


Whereas, Hopkins then spoke for a few minutes about his path from prison to the ring.

"It's not really all about me. It's all about having faith in people. I'm not too much of a guy who knows everything about politics, but I pay attention. Whether Democrat or Republican, whatever decision we all make together as one, it affects lives. It affects lives in a big way. ... I'm humbled to be here."


Whereas, he also posited that he could be a positive example for obese kids.

Whereas it's nice to see a boxer getting honored while coherent, though not yet retired as he'll fight Chad Dawson on Oct. 15.


But seriously, Executioner, what's up with the glasses?

Video of Bernard Hopkins speech [State Sen. Vincent Hughes]