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Bernard Pierce To Cop After DUI: "I'm Getting Cut." And He Is!

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Running back Bernard Pierce was released by the Baltimore Ravens today, hours after he was arrested on charges that included driving under the influence of alcohol and speeding. The move probably didn't surprise Pierce who, according to a police statement of probable cause, asked the officer who pulled him over if his arrest could be "kept off the books" and later predicted, "I'm getting cut tomorrow."


According to Baltimore County police, the officer stopped Pierce's 2014 Ford Mustang about 2 a.m. after his radar showed Pierce's car going 55 mph in a 30 mph zone. The officer then noticed "an odor of an alcoholic beverage from his breath" as well as slurred speech and dilated pupils, according to the statement of probable cause.The officer wrote that Pierce said he'd had three shots of Jack Daniels and he saw Pierce fumble getting his driver's license out of his wallet. He also twice told the officer that he weighed 530 pounds.

Outside the Mustang, Pierce performed the field sobriety tests and showed "clues of impairment in his performance," the probable cause statement said. The officer wrote that Pierce couldn't keep his balance, at times had trouble following directions, wobbled, and swayed. The officer helped Pierce make his way into the patrol car when Pierce asked for a favor, according to the probable cause statement.

While Officer Kindervater was helping the defendant into the rear seat of his patrol vehicle the defendant asked if this incident could be kept off the books. Officer Kindervater explained that he was under arrest for DUI and that couldn't be kept off the books. The defendant advised he would take citations if it could be kept off the books. The defendant then slurred "Never mind."

When en-route to precinct six the defendant uttered "Do you know what happened the last time a Raven player got a DUI? I'm getting cut tomorrow, not like you care."


Pierce was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, driving while impaired by alcohol, exceeding a maximum speed (55 mph in a 30 mph zone), and driving a vehicle in excess of reasonable and prudent speed on a highway.

Image via Baltimore County Police

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