Bernie, Of Weekend At Bernie's Fame, Threw Out The First Pitch In Oakland This Weekend

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The Oakland A's have adopted the "Moves Like Bernie" dance. This is a "dance" popularized by some rapper featuring a plot point from Weekend At Bernie's II (Bernie's back...and still dead!): Bernie, a corpse, gets hit with some crazy voodoo in the beginning of the film and everytime he hears music he half dances/half walks while still remaining mostly dead. There's a song and everything and Coco Crisp, naturally, played it for the clubhouse, igniting the craze.

In a victory for synergists everywhere, Terry Kiser—film's "Bernie Lomax"—threw out the first pitch on Saturday and partook in this awkward, even for notoriously awkward first pitch ceremonies, performance you see below.


He later plugged his newest script, presumably co-written with Jim Varney's dusty bones: Weekend At Bernie's 3: Bernie Does Extreme Sports.