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We got word earlier today that five-time All-Star Bernie Williams was making a charity appearance at Georgetown Cupcakes on Mercer Street here in SoHo and immediately hopped into action. I set out with my fellow intern Isaac to see if we could meet Bernie and purchase some delicious confections. The answers were yes and yes.

When we arrived at the cupcake shop, we were forced to sign release forms, since TLC was filming inside the store for their television series DC Cupcakes. We figured there would be extra hubbub for Bernie. Not exactly. We were out of place there. Teenage girls, not Yankee fans, filled the store. More people were interested in getting a photo with Sophie LaMontagne, the store's owner, than the man with four World Series rings.


But we would not let fleeting pity for Bernie deter us. There were cupcakes to buy. At $15 for a half dozen, we had to choose wisely. They had a special limited edition "Pinstripe Pretzel" cupcake, with all proceeds going to the Hillside Food Outreach, but there were so many other scrumptious options. We finally decided upon three Pinstripe Pretzel, two red velvet and one vanilla.

The cashier told us Bernie was taking a break, but when he returned we'd be able to meet him and he'd be happy to sign our box. It took a while, but we decided we weren't leaving until a major leaguer signed our box of cupcakes. He did.

Bernie signing our box. Photo by Isaac Rauch, who will certainly not be pursuing photojournalism as a career path.


Sadly, one of our red velvet cupcakes was damaged in transit.


The "Pinstripe Pretzel" cupcake in all its glory. Described as: "A Valrhona chocolate cake baked with butterscotch chips and crushed pretzels, topped with a butterscotch-infused buttercream frosting."

Considering they were a limited-edition item, everyone wanted the Pinstripe Pretzel cupcakes back at Deadspin HQ. I wasn't fortunate enough to sample them. But fellow intern Tom Ley reported that he "very much enjoyed the chunks," presumably referring to the bits of butterscotch and pretzel. I took great pleasure in consuming a red velvet cupcake, and can confirm that it lived up to its billing; it was red in color and velvety in texture. I commend Bernie Williams for his fine taste in miniature cakes.

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