It appears there is no more a dangerous threat at the ballpark than staircases or escalators. If 2001 was famously called the "Summer Of The Shark," after numerous Floridians smelling like chum or dressed in seal costumes were chomped, this 2008's TV news fear bait might be "Spring Of The Handrail."

Last night, another thrill-seeking fan at Turner Field trying to be all "Hey, look at me! I'm Mr. Cool Guy sliding down a handrail with no hands!" plummeted 150 feet to his death. The 25-year-old Georgia man also may have been drinking. Really.

Remember it was only about a month ago that 36-year-old Antonio Nararainsami also met the same fate after attempting to do a similar maneuver at Shea Stadium.

Yes, it's sad. But is this going to require all stadiums to post "No Handrail Sliding" signs with pictures of dismembered stick figures at the bottom of a stairwell in order to make this idiocy stop? Probably.

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