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Beware The Power Of Carl Monday

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So you know how yesterday was supposed to be Carl Monday Day for the Dunedin Blue Jays? Well, it turned out the game was postponed, but not because of the rain storms that hit the area. Nope, it's something much more ominous.


Writes a Blue Jays representative:

Unfortunately, our game got rained out, so we won't be having Mustache Monday. We will be moving it to tomorrow (Mustache Tuesday), when we'll play a double header starting at 5pm. The game was called due to loss of power; a transformer was hit by lightning and we were told it wouldn't get fixed for a few hours.

That's right: Carl Monday Night was postponed because of lightning. Clearly, Carl is able to control the weather and is NONE TOO HAPPY. Hell hath no fury like a CLEVELAND'S INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER scorned.

They're going to try the doubleheader tonight; same admission rules as yesterday apply. But please, be careful out there.


Hope Your Mustaches Are All Grown [Deadspin]

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