So, hey, if you happen to be in the Dunedin, Fla. area tonight, it's the first of those big fun Dunedin Blue Jays promotions inspired by this here Web site. Tonight's festivities: Carl Monday Mustache Night. It's becoming increasingly easy to get in for a reduced $3 admission.

The following fans will recieve a general admission ticket for just $3.

All fans named "Carl" or any form of "Carl" (including Karl, Carla, Carlo, Carlos, etc).
Fans that have any part of their name that happens to also be a day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.
Fans with mustaches, fake mustaches, or drawn on mustaches (no beards)
Fans wearing an Ohio State shirt/sweathsirt.
If a fan fits all four descriptions, they will recieve a general admission ticket for free.


In addition, it's also Ernie Whitt Night at the ballpark. If anybody makes it out there, we obviously would love a photographic record. And just three more days until YWML Thursday. Active week.

Carl Monday Mustache Night [Dunedin Blue Jays]
It's Carl Monday Night At The Ballpark [Deadspin]

(By the way, we've been informed that we are to tell you that YWML T-shirts are 20 percent off this week. So you know.)

(UPDATE: Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. The game was rained out. Mustache Monday is now Mustache Tuesday; the doubleheader starts at 5 p.m.)


(SECOND UPDATE: We're told the 20 percent off promotion was for Monday only. Our fault: Sorry.)