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Beware The Who Dat Bandit

With all the new Saints bandwagon fans, there's a surefire way to find out who's legit: start a Saints chant to get their attention. And then mug them.

Saturday afternoon was a more innocent time for New Orleans. The Saints were still undefeated. The R&L Carriers New Orleans Bowl was but a gleam in the BCS's eye. And some Bayou St. John residents still owned the contents of their wallets.

[Police spokesman Garry] Flot said the suspect approached the victims and yelled, "Go Saints!" The victims responded by saying, "Yeah, Who Dat!" at which point the suspect took out his handgun and demanded money.


So the next time you hear your favorite team's chant, ignore it. It could be a criminal. And if you're a Raider fan, don't join in, even if you're at a game. You're still probably surrounded by 60,000 criminals.

Suspect Yells 'Go Saints' Before Robbing Victims [WWL]

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