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Photo: Matt Slocum (AP)

It’s always a treat to see the hands of Boban Marjanovic manipulate a tiny basketball. During the Sixers’ loss to the Celtics Tuesday night, the Philly center was regularly corralling rebounds without leaving the floor. He snagged this one like an apple off a high branch:


The slow-footed Marjanovic wasn’t the most natural matchup against Celtics big man Al Horford—Brett Brown admitted that he was experimenting with his roster to better understand it—but he did have his moments. Remember how Big Boban toyed with Little Anthony Davis last year? Small Al received similar treatment. Admire this post footwork (or the beautiful lack thereof):

Credit to the AP’s Matt Slocum for capturing this Cretaceous scene. The guy on the left is 6-foot-10.


In other recent Boban news, he made Star Wars sound very dirty.

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