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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Big Sleepy Boy Mike Francesa Conks Out On The Air Yet Again

My friends, it has happened again. For at least the third time, reluctant sports grouch Mike Francesa dozed off on the air. There are two ways you can be sure this is Francesa conking out: first, look at him, the microphone pushes his glasses an inch up his face before a hypnic jerk yanks him back to the land of the living; second, there’s no way in hell he’d let Beavis from Bumfuck rant semi-coherently for 40 seconds about a crisis in the quality of Major League Baseball if he were awake:


To be perfectly fair to our chronically bored sports yapper, that guy’s baseball monologue could put the damn Queen’s Guard to sleep. Someone get my man a Diet Coke, stat!

Staff Writer, Deadspin