Big Ten Network's New College Football Analyst Moonlights As A Faith Healer

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J Leman starred at linebacker for the University of Illinois and followed his college career up with a forgettable one of years spent between NFL practice squads and the UFL. His experiences as a player and student-athlete certainly made him of interest to networks broadcasting football, and sure enough Big Ten Network locked him up alongside several other former Big Ten football stars to provide analysis and commentary for the cable net.

Presumably Leman will also be called on for medical commentary, as he claims to be a faith healer and actually maintains a log of his success rate in using the power of prayer. A sample entry:

Prayed for a man with diabetes and amputated toes. The toes did not grow back. Do not know about the diabetes.


...Okay. Another entry:

Prayed for a woman's hearing to improve. She only had 30% of her hearing in her right ear. Prayed multiple times and their was no change.

Dammit, J Leman, you suck as a faith healer. After all, the real key to being a successful faith healer is being a swindling liar. You're way too honest to make it in the faith healing business; fortunately, television embraces truth and honesty. Right? Right?

[Smile Politely]

h/t to Sam & Jeff