Thanks for the tips, fellas. This day will go a lot smoother now on all fronts. And thanks Muselix!

Ahem, anyway, the indefatigable Captain Caveman over at With Leather has come across a fantastic YouTube posting with this extremely awkward compilation film by a local "Northern California NBA Correspondent" who trucked around a menor...manure...monorrr...bah, that funny candle looking thing...and sneak attacked a few NBAers (Shaq, Kobe, DWade) to get their thoughts on Hannukah and what they want to say to all their Jewish fans out there. It's spectacular.

If this is old and you've seen it 14 times already, well, blame him. Otherewise, prepare to have your mind sufficiently blown. (Ed. note. I've forgotten how to post YouTube links. Anybody who can send that along as well will get an autographed copy of "Chicken Soup for the Golfer's Soul", in which yours truly published his first seminal work titled "Butterscotch". I wish I were kidding. Thanks again, boys/girls/deviants.)

"I Gotta Lotta Jewish Friends, Bubba" [With Leather]