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Big3 Suspends Allen Iverson For Missing A Game; That'll Show Him

Photo: Michael Hickey/BIG3/Getty Images

Who would have thought that a casual basketball league marketed with the draw of seeing an entertaining but notoriously mercurial and old player would fall apart because said old player stopped giving a shit about casual basketball?

Allen Iverson was the biggest reason the Big3 received the attention that it did. Nothing against Al Harrington, but I’d venture the majority of people who bought tickets were there to see a diminished but still fun version of The Answer and his crossover. A.I. hit one shot in the league’s first event, did nothing eventful in the next two, and mysteriously backed out of a game in Philadelphia. Then, he completely no-showed Sunday’s event in Dallas and the Big3 pretended like it is a real league and declared it would be “launching an investigation,” which was presumably Ice Cube texting Iverson and asking him what the fuck happened.


Iverson apologized on Tuesday:

Today, the Big3 suspended him for the event in Kentucky:


This punishment seems counterproductive, since the issue was that Iverson wasn’t showing up, and now he gets another week of not showing up. Whatever, this league sucks.

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