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Bill Conlin's Sensitivity Once Again Called Into Question

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Bill Conlin, Philadelphia Daily News columnist, surf enthusiast, and, well, Deadspin contributor, has been suspended from his television stint on Philly Comcast's Daily News Live show (pretty much Philly's version of ESPN) pending further review, after he made some comments on air that some viewers found "insensitive."

Here's the rundown, per NBC10 news:

Conlin was reacting to someone named Raul from Vineland, N.J., who sent in an e-mail commenting on the Philadelphia Eagles.

Regarding a question posed to coach Andy Reid on Tuesday about quarterback Donovan McNabb's shoulder injury, the question from Raul read aloud by the host was: "Are you serious? It was a stupid question. It's tendonitis. Way to go Philly media. You guys do a great job over-analyzing everything."

"Amazing that guy would leave the blueberry harvest to send that off," Conlin said a short time later.


Now, the question: Was Conlin making a statement about Vineland, N.J. residents, or was he making a racial implication about the author of the e-mail ("Raul"), characterizing him as a migrant worker? Tough call. It's probably safe to say that if the person who wrote the email was named "Jack" or "Barry" or "Voldemort," Conlin might have made a different quip.

Right now, Conlin is suspended from the show, pending further investigation by DNL into the remark, but Conlin has already came out and flatly denied any racial connotations connected to the comment.

Remember, Conlin was already given a wrist slap by his employers at the Daily News after his e-mail flame-war with Crashburn Alley's Bill Baer last November, after Conlin wrote to him "The only positive thing I can think of about Hitler's time on earth-I'm sure he would have eliminated all bloggers."


So, here we are again. Maybe Conlin should consider applying for the Deadspin editorship? We absolutely hate blueberry harvesters.

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