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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

In some shocking early news from Week 1 of the NFL season, an old white guy has a bad take on Colin Kaepernick. This time around, it’s former Steelers coach Bill Cowher, who tossed out some quarter-assed nonsense during CBS’s pregame show.


“I want to know what’s in your heart,” Cowher said of the currently unemployed quarterback. “Are you really committed to want to come back in the National Football game—Football League and reestablish yourself as a National Football League player? Are you really committed to your craft? Are you going to take the opportunity that any team might give you?”

“Don’t let the contract stand in the way,” Cowher added. “If you play, you will get paid ... Colin, prove me wrong.”

Obviously, [bangs head against the wall] Colin Kaepernick can’t prove anyone wrong, because he hasn’t been offered any chance to do it. While every wrinkly racist can go on and on about how Scott Tolzien and Nathan Peterman are superior to Kap as QBs and have somehow earned the right to be on an NFL roster through on-field play, Kaepernick remains at the mercy of front office execs and coaches who are either too scared or too spiteful to give him any opportunity. This is not the fault of Kaepernick. Even Jay Cutler could practically sleepwalk out of retirement and into a Miami gig. It’s on old football people to let him play.

Enjoy all the shitty starting quarterbacks today, Bill Cowher. At least they’re all “committed” to sucking.

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