Bill Murray To Packer Fan At Soldier Field Last Sunday: "Nitschke is a pussy."

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From Black Book comes another odd, charming Bill Murray run-in that may or may not be true, given how many Bill Murray run-in stories are out there. But this one seems plausible.

We'll pick up the tale from the middle, an as-witnessed-to, by the friend of a Packer fan named Matt, and you can go over and read the rest of it at BB:

That's when he was blatantly shoved from behind. Turning to catch a glimpse of his assailant, he discovered his pusher was none other than Bill Murray, a huge Chicago Bears fan, who was unapologetically enjoying the moment.

Matt's friend managed to capture a photo of Murray in mid-celebration, laughing at the rival fans. Naturally, Matt wanted a picture with the legendary actor. Murray's response to his request? "Nitschke is a pussy.




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