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Bill Raftery And Verne Lundquist, Au Natural

Like most of you, we enjoyed the dulcet tones of Bill Raftery during the tournament this past weekend, and we can't wait for more of the "with the KISS!" this coming Sweet 16 slate. But those of you who braved the NCAA Tournament On Demand saw even more of Raftery, catching him and partner Verne Lundquist in several off-mike moments.

Highlights: Verne Lundquist saying right before the National Anthem "We have what you might call a sparse crowd here today. It's really awful." Lundquist follows this later with "Aww, man, this crowd is sad. You just can't talk about it too much." Maybe the NCAA went back to New Orleans a little too soon... Raftery rather seductively tells Lundquist "Your voice sounds great," to which Lundquist, apparently battling a cold, starts doing vocal prepping "mimimimi"s. Lundquist: a true operatic voice.


It's only a matter of time until Nantz and Packer are caught as well:

Nantz: You know who's great? Celine Dion. She has a way of just owning a song.
Packer: On the way to the arena today, I killed a drifter just to watch him die.

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