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Bill Simmons Had Lena Dunham On His Podcast; Here Are Things They Said

Multiplatform presence Bill Simmons had thought leader Lena Dunham on his podcast today. Since you are probably at work and unable to listen, we pulled out some of the things they said so that you can read them.


Simmons on People magazine:

"People has a great website. You can go through and read all the magazines from the '70s and '80s."

Dunham on whether it's advantageous to be rich and well-connected:

"Laurie Simmons's daughter, David Mamet's daughter, now Brian Williams's daughter is talking to David Mamet's daughter. And it was like, I wanted so badly to get inside those people's heads and go, like, 'Is this really what you think, like, the landscape of Hollywood, is, is like, you walk in and you're like, 'My mother has one photo in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, I'd love to have a TV show'?"

Simmons on Fiona Apple and Paul Thomas Anderson:

"Fiona Apple and Paul Thomas Anderson is a Google deep dive for me. I think I've done a lot of background reading on that relationship. I would watch a documentary about it. I would watch a TV series about it."


Simmons on what would have happened if John Belushi hadn't died of an overdose:

"What happens to his career? Cause you think, like, if you were betting money on Dan Aykroyd after Trading Places in 1982, you would have been, like, 'Oh yeah, that guy's going to be,' you know, 'this is how his career's going to go,' but it actually went in a different direction for whatever reason. I don't know what happens to Belushi—I don't know, like, does he end up on a TV show? Is he, like, on NBC in 1987 playing a lawyer in Chicago who likes to drink? I don't know. He definitely does About Last Night."


Dunham on a beautiful piece of prose about a teenage model:

"It's, like, a beautiful piece of prose about this teenage model."

Simmons on the Bird and Magic of Lilith Fair:

"Indigo Girls, I feel like, were the Bird and Magic of—that's a basketball reference, you might not get that—the Bird and Magic of Lilith Fair. Like they, they showed up."


Dunham on pretentious and non-pretentious poster moves:

"I feel like the people who have, like, who have like, Reservoir Dogs in German, like, I feel like that's a little bit of, like, a pretentious poster move. I just bought, like, different formats of the Ishtar poster, different sizes, selected the one that was most pleasing to me, and put it on my wall."


Simmons on Ishtar:

"I like your passion for Ishtar, because there was, like, a movement in the last 10 years that Ishtar suddenly became underrated."


Simmons on whether Leonardo DiCaprio stole Brad Renfro's career:

"Brad Renfro and Leo DiCaprio, Leo DiCaprio's an interesting one. I don't think Brad Renfro could have taken it, but I think it was Leo DiCaprio probably helped a tiny bit by no Brad Renfro."