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Did you guys see this from Tuesday? Via Reddit:

Guy tweets this:


Official Chiefs Twitter DMs this:

Some back and forth, (in which the Chiefs social media manager was called an "immature teenager," which seems kind of generous), and then, of course, this:


Then the story got picked up by Fox4KC and everything (gotta love the Vulgar Language WARNING before that article—I think it's for "bastard"?), and now all Chiefs fans hate their team. Anywho, that very team lost big again today, this time to the Bills, who themselves lost big last week to the Jets. Buffalo was up 21-0 after the half and did not look back. Ryan Fitzpatrick hardly had to throw after the half, and Buffalo's running game very ably shortened the contest.

Preliminary reports out of Buffalo say that C.J. Spiller's Leodis McKelvin's head is, against all odds, still attached to his body after this egregious facemask:


CJ Spiller—not the guy who got tackled by the face up there, as I originally thought, but a different guy entirely—had quite a game: 123 yards on 15 carries, with two touchdowns.

Final score: 35-17, with two of those scores coming in the garbagest of garbage time for Kansas City. Bills are now 1-1, Chiefs 0-2, cc get a clue.

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