Bills Fan Faces Stiff Punishment After Cops Pegged Him As Dildo-Thrower

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Police were pretty hard on Florida man Michael Abdallah, 34, who was arrested for throwing a dildo on the field during the Patriots-Bills game on Monday. The cops reportedly used security camera footage and eyewitness accounts to grab Abdallah; then they squeezed him for $250 in cash or $1,000 in bond to release him from jail.

According to WKBW reporter Jeff Slawson, Abdallah was in court yesterday, and pleaded not guilty to a charge of disorderly conduct.


As Abdallah had already spent one night in jail, they really shouldn’t jerk him around anymore, and luckily, the judge said if he hired a lawyer, he wouldn’t have to return to court in December. Hopefully he does get an attorney, because all that trouble for one flung dildo would just be a dong shame.