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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Bills Fan's Moonsault Attempt Somehow Doesn't End In Disaster

Illustration for article titled Bills Fans Moonsault Attempt Somehow Doesnt End In Disaster

The weather’s getting colder, but that won’t affect the Free Folk in Buffalo. They can survive the upcoming winter. As the leaves fall, so do the tables. This Bills fan embraced the changing of the seasons by performing a moonsault off a pickup truck bed. He actually pulled it off pretty well.


Another angle:


There’s more. From J, a Stone Cold Stunner in slow-mo:

From @Marantostein, more violence against tables:

Like last time, we’ll conclude with a less boisterous clip. From Bobby, here’s a Bills fan in a lucha libre mask chugging a dick bong while NSYNC plays in the background:

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