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Bills Trade For Matt Cassel

The Bills announced they've agreed on a trade with the Vikings for QB Matt Cassel, with undisclosed draft picks heading both ways. Doesn't really matter! The new-look Bills have a quarterback. Sort of.

Matt Cassel's fine! He's fine. You give him the ball, and he's going to throw the ball, and a slight majority of the time, someone on his team is going to catch the ball. He's basically a replacement-level QB, which is as good as the Bills were going to do this offseason. (Josh McCown was the big prize, Mark Sanchez and Sam Bradford are probably the two top targets remaining. He's probably an upgrade over E.J. Manuel, who I guess is done at age 24? He's no Kyle Orton, but really, who is?


Cassel's got a year left on his deal, so at worst, he's a placeholder.

You can win with a mediocre-to-average QB, and Buffalo has a defense that will more than carry its own weight. This isn't impossible. But I don't think anyone expected the 2015 Bills would feature Matt Cassel handing off to LeSean McCoy, being blocked for by Richie Incognito, then getting yelled at by Rex Ryan. What a time to be alive!

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