Billy Packer, As Charming As You'd Think He'd Be

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If you needed any more proof that Billy Packer is an insufferable prick — and boy, DID YOU! — the guys at CSTV's Hoops Odyssey blog caught up with Packer before the second-round games in Chicago yesterday and ... he's a dick!


Packer is talking to "Matt," whom we've never met but apparently is "one of the kids," kids that Packer obviously hates. Well, "hate" is probably too strong of a word; we'll just say that he is "full of loathsome, smug contempt."

We have no strong love for Jim "my vanilla brings all the milquetoast golfers to the yard" Nantz, but we have absolutely no idea how he broadcasts games with this guy without stabbing his eye with a fork.

Billy Packer Interview With CSTV [CSTV]

(UPDATE: The guys who made the video said Packer was just playing around. OK. We do not disagree. But Billy Packer doesn't wear "playful" well.)