The Cyrus family continues to play muse to all in this once-great nation. Here we have Miley doing her weirdo licking routine on Georgia wrecking-ball running back Todd Gurley. Later, dad Billy Ray gets some love.

So, please, join us for another round of cleverly-tagged poster boards. Today we're in Athens, Georgia, where LSU and the Bulldogs will square off later this afternoon on CBS. As always, click "expand" for maximum yuks.

"You have low standards." - Fan of team a week removed from a game against North Texas

Speaking of schedules and standards


"Kirk eats pussy like his mom's spaghetti"

Take extra napkins for this Mettenberger


Achy, Breaky Vas Deferens, perhaps?

Kiss My Grass


"Holy shit, a talking sign."

It's the eyes



[long, nourishing breath] "I am the last son of Krypton. I have come to destroy the earth, one football program at a time."