It has only been two years, but still, a lot of people don't remember the maestro that was former Nugget and Hornet Chris Anderson. He's perhaps most famous for his performance in the slam dunk contest โ€” Bill Simmons wrote, "Looking back, I think the best part was that he started off the contest by telling the sideline reporter, 'It's time for the Birdman to fly.' Could somebody find me a time machine so I could travel back to the '80s and make that my high school yearbook quote?" โ€” and, of course, that hair. And then he got kicked out of the league for two years for using what was reported to be cocaine. His suspension run out Sunday.

We would love to see big Chris Anderson back, desperately, now that you mention it. He was always ridiculously fun to watch, even though it's certainly possible that he was using cocaine while on the court. (We'll know that was the case if he returns and appears to have mono.) We'd have to think the Knicks could take a chance on him, yes? Why not?


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