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Bizarre Metta World Peace Interview Reveals That He's Far Too Sexy For His Cat

Is it cheating to call this the strangest postgame interview Metta World Peace has ever given, when it's tied for first with every other one he's done?

The Lakers won last night. Kobe Bryant took over down the stretch, scoring 23 of his 30 points in the fourth. Los Angeles is now a half-game ahead of Utah for the eighth seed in the West, with exactly one week left in the regular season. But a major story was the unexpected return of World Peace, just 12 days after knee surgery.


Bryant nicknamed him "Wolverine" for his healing powers, and after the win (World Peace played 15 minutes off the bench), reporters wanted to know how he came back so quickly. World Peace responded to their questions with a odd, feline-themed rendition of Right Said Fred.

World Peace's answers, in order:

“I’m just too sexy for my cat. I'm too sexy for my cat. My cat."

"I’m just too sexy for my cat. If I wasn’t as sexy for my cat, I probably wouldn’t have came back. I’m so sexy, I came back."

"Too sexy for my cat, too sexy to wear a sleeve or a bracelet, so I had to come back. Yeah."


"I’m definitely too sexy for my cat, definitely, we know that. I’m also too tough to let a meniscus surgery keep me out for six weeks."

"I’m too sexy for the cat.”

I don't know what any of this means, and if I did I probably wouldn't love it so much.

[via Point Forward]

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