In response to the St. Louis Police Officers Association's demand that a handful of St. Louis Rams players who took the field in a "hands up, don't shoot" pose be punished for making a "tasteless, offensive and inflammatory" gesture, the Ethical Society of Police—an organization for black police officers in St. Louis—has pledged its support for the Rams players.

From a statement on the group's official Facebook page:

We think that their actions were commendable and that they should not be ridiculed, disciplined or punished for taking a stand on this very important issue which is of great concern around the world and especially in the community where these players work.


In a separate Facebook post, the organization took a more direct shot at the St. Louis Police Officers Association, specifically its disgraced ex-cop mouthpiece, Jeff Roorda:

The Ethical Society of Police (ESOP) commends the involved St. Louis Rams' Players for their courageous stance and demonstration against police brutality and excessive force. Additionally, the ESOP condemns the St. Louis Police Officer's Association for allowing Roorda to embarrass the officers of the St. Louis Police Department with his insensitive, conservative, right-winged opinions on the police brutality and excessive force issues, which continue to boil surrounding the police involved shooting death of Michael Brown, and he subsequent non-indictment of former Ferguson Police Officer, Darren Wilson.