Blackhawks Dealt With Pronger About As Maturely As Chicago Paper

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The Tribune may have insinuated it, when they poorly photoshopped Chris Pronger's torso onto a skirt. But someone in the Blackhawks locker room went whole hog, writing "Pronger Is Gay" on their whiteboard.

This photo from Getty Images (as brought to the world's attention by Wyshynski at Puck Daddy) catches the Blackhawks celebrating after game six, and reveals a bit of their gameplan: distract Pronger with sweaty, bearded men.

It's the childish type of insult you'd expect from a pro athlete (though there's no proof it was someone on the team who wrote it), and just comes off as being a sore winner. As Pronger said, in response to Adam Burish's "idiot" comments,


Why is he worrying about me instead of celebrating winning the Cup? Boy, it just goes to show how much I was in his kitchen for him to be talking about me five minutes after he wins the Cup."


Looks like it wasn't just Burish whose kitchen Pronger was in.

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