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Blackhawks GM Fired For Not Following Example Set By Cubs

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Dale Tallon took over a terrible post-lockout Blackhawks franchise, combined shrewd drafting and solid free agent picks to build a young, exciting contender and was rewarded for his efforts with a swift kick in the pants. That's the Chicago way.

Granted, he did forget to mail offer letters to his team's potential free agents this offseason—he's only the general manager, for Pete's sake!—and nearly lost them all on a technicality, but that's water under the bridge. The speculation is that John McDonough, the president of the club, wanted his "own man" running the organization. So Tallon (who has been associated with the Blackhawks since the 1970's; first as a player, then a broadcaster) had to be "re-assigned" and replaced with Scotty Bowman's son. This despite the fact that Tallon took a perennial basement dweller to the Conference Finals in just four years is clearly beloved by his players. (Remember the Canadian wilderness field trip?)


Even Martin Havlat, a player who Tallon let go of this offseason, is defending his old boss with shady threats of revealing THE TRUTH. (Was the offer letter fiasco just a frame up?) Always a good sign for your organization.

So where did McDonough learn these top flight management strategies? His last job was president of the Chicago Cubs. Would you like to take the cyanide now, Blackhawks fans, or would you prefer a revolver?

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