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In hell, you can only watch Pistons games. And, overnight in hell when the Pistons games are over, they only show highlight packages from the 2004 Finals. Ah, but in the afternoon, when you think you might at least get to see highlights from around the league, hell’s NBA TV just shows one play, over and over again, for all eternity. It’s this play. (The rest of hell is quite nice, actually! Good food, comfy beds, great company. It’s this play and only this play that makes hell hell.)


I’m not sure what was going on here, other than that Reggie Jackson for some reason didn’t want to shoot, and Blake Griffin, who must’ve realized that, apparently wanted to force him to take the shot, or at least move the ball around, and the two got stuck in a feedback loop finally disrupted only by history’s most merciful three-second violation. These two seem to still be getting along great!


The Pistons won, ultimately, riding a late comeback to a 93-89 over the skeleton-crew Mavericks. Here’s a quote from the winning’s team coach!

“The approach was disappointing,” Dwane Casey said. “In this league, you have to play with force and grit. We couldn’t buy a shot, and a couple times when we had open shots, we turned them down. We looked down there and saw these guys that don’t play and it’s human nature.”

Please join us for tomorrow’s game, or at least whenever Blake Griffin finally snaps and punches out a teammate.

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