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Blake Griffin Vents About The Pistons' Focus, Right Before Reggie Jackson Goofs Around For The Camera

The spiritual sequel to Dwight and Stan isn’t as consequential as the original, but it’s nonetheless compelling.

The Pistons escaped with a 98-94 win over the Pelicans on Wednesday, although New Orleans closed the gap and at one point led in the fourth quarter, bringing the score within three in the final minute. Even with the victory, Blake Griffin was dissatisfied with his 21-26 team’s inability to put the game away.

“This is nothing to be proud of, man,” the Pistons forward said. “This is just masking our issue. We gotta lock in and finish games. Our lack of focus at the end of games is awful. That’s why we lose games like this.”


Enter Reggie Jackson, being wacky for the camera:

Griffin’s thin smile says it all. Great timing, Reggie!

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