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Blake Griffin Close To Something He May Think About Doing In The Future

NBA fights in this decade are usually the equivalent of very aggressive staring contests that could potentially escalate into two bros shoving each other while yelling, "not the face, man!"

Blake Griffin has been involved in such skirmishes throughout his career, with opponents often trying to ground his high-flying act using flagrant fouls and overly-physical play. But after a Friday preseason game against the Jazz, in which Griffin was the target of a hard, mid-air foul by Trevor Booker, Griffin is fed-up:

When Griffin was asked if he feels close to retaliating if the hard fouls continue, he said, "Yeah, probably. I'm not going to do it for no reason or if it's not warranted and I didn't feel that was."


Griffin isn't the only one who feels probably close to retaliating in the future but only if the situation is perfect. His teammate Chris Paul also offered this warning to the league:

"He's getting real close to it," Paul said of Griffin retaliating. "... Blake is unbelievable to show that patience. I think that's one of the most selfless things that he does all season long because even though he wants to react personally, he sacrifices for the team."

Yeah, don't expect Griffin to be throwing any punches this season. Not that Griffin should; he's more valuable than the guy trying to start something 99% of the time. But the tough guy posturing? Griffin should leave the acting up to Paul.



Photo via AP

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