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This video from @CJZero is a beautiful microcosm of the current state of Los Angeles basketball. Sure, the Lakers have farted along all year while the Clippers are a high-scoring playoff contender, but Blake Griffin's dunk and the following reactions really represent the two teams' NBA seasons well.

Before the dunk, notice that the Clippers have 102 points and a 46-point lead in the third quarter. After Xavier Henry screws up a layup, Blake Griffin rebounds and passes it to Chris Paul, and you can guess what happens next against an incredibly lethargic, overmatched Lakers defense that doesn't want to be there. Paul gives Griffin a simple pass to slam home, which he does. Clippers fans celebrate, Lakers fans wonder why they're there, and BOOM. Mitch Kupchak with the face of a truly despondent man.


The game isn't final yet, but I can tell you that the Lakers do not win.


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