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Skeets, who was horribly trampled by adolescent goats while visiting the petting zoo, is still inactive and will be back next week. Today's Closer is written by Rick Chandler, Submersible Operations Coordinator at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution ...

There's nothing I enjoy more than a good blog war. After Paul Pierce and a few of the other Celtics complained of cheap shots and trash talk by the host Sacramento Kings in their game on Wednesday, a couple of the teams' respective blogs started to go at it, and now we've got us a rasslin' match. First, The Celtics Blog called Sacramento "The Queens" in a headline, saying: The Celtics are a target again. Teams desperate for solutions will try anything they can to knock this team down. On this night, it didn't work. The Celtics held off the Queens and just waved good-bye to them. In the future, the C's will have to continue to maintain their focus and stick to playing superior basketball to keep winning games. Another good learning opportunity for this team that is growing stronger every day.


Counters Kings' blog Sactown Royalty: The world does not revolve around the Celtics. They are not a flock of untouchable clergymen. If they want flap their gums at Ron Artest and Francisco Garcia, they will receive gum-flapping in return. This was all just a really long way of pointing out the subtle reasons most of the country dislikes Boston sports fans. I really like CelticsBlog — I'd consider Jeff Clark a very good blogfriend. But when I see silly headlines like [The Queens Get Chippy], I want to punch someone in the nose. That moniker was stupid and played out in 2002. Analysis by gay joke is not remotely useful.

Clark then replies via e-mail: I admit, the use of that headline was probably in poor taste and maybe even out of character for me. It was just meant to be glib but I could see how it would offend or at least annoy people. I'll take a page from the athlete's guide to dealing with the media and say "If I offended anyone, I'm sorry." I simply read report after report this morning of how the Kings took a physical approach to the game and saw the coach quoted as saying that was pretty much the gameplan and I posted the quotes from those sources. If the newspapers got the facts wrong or misrepresented them, bad on them.

The Celtics beat the Kings 89-69. Then on Thursday, Boston invaded Seattle — in Ray Allen's return to his former home — and topped the Sonics 104-96 behind Paul Pierce's 37 points. And more good news for the Celtics; Kevin Garnett leads All-Star voting with 1,186,690 votes.

Big Breakthrough. The Suns finally figured out how to stop a big man — in this case the Clippers' 7-footer, Chris Kaman — as Amare Stoudemire's 30 points and 15 rebounds led a 108-88 victory.


Cleveland Somewhat Rocks. LeBron James managed 24 points, eight rebounds and seven assists to lead the Cavaliers past the Mavericks 88-81. Cleveland shot 36.4 percent from the floor, was 2-of-16 from the 3-point line and missed 10 free throws, which should tell you how well Dallas is playing.

What Does He Charge For Just A Massage?. Quote of the week comes from Jason Williams of the Miami Heat, who is not thrilled with recent trade rumors. "We're like some high-paid prostitutes anyway in this league. They just use and get rid of us whenever they want."


No God, Not That! As the new year approaches, it's time to count your blessings, NBA players. Enjoy what you have, because things could be much, much worse. Yes, this applies even if you play for the Knicks. Here is the proof.

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