Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

• Mark Bavaro tries on a new slant pattern: Novelist. [Pop Boner]
• Ron Zook is setting himself up for failure at Illinois. (Ed. Note: If he gets us to a bowl game, any bowl game, no such THING as failure!) [Bored At Life]
• Red Auerbach might not like Allen Iverson that much. [SLAM Online]
• Why Freddy Adu is in Salt Lake (for now). [Chi Sox Blog]
• Just to remind everyone again, Sean Salisbury was on Battlebots. [The North End Zone]
• How nice, the NFL Network is allowing us to watch the Rutgers game. [Get Untracked]
• Some Iverson demands for his new team. [Critical Sports]
• Is the rage Knicks fans have toward Isiah Thomas misplaced? [Bleeding The Clock]
• McSweeney's take on the big baseball contracts. [McSweeney's]

By the way, we didn't get a chance to comment him this morning, but commenter I Party With Smoot put together a Barbaro MySpace page that's as brilliant as anything we can remember on this site. So do enjoy.


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