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Blogdome: BCS Smackdown Edition

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What the blogs are saying about the BCS matchups ...

• "Projected BCS matchups: Florida versus OSU in the Not-Fiesta Brought To You By Haphazard, Illogical Guesswork; Michigan versus USC in the Rose Brought To You By Aaaaargh; ND versus LSU in the Sugar Brought To You By Vicious Lopsided Beatdown; Wake Forest Versus Louisville in the Orange Brought To You By Seriously, Wake Forest?; Oklahoma versus Boise State in the Fiesta Brought To You By Wooo Ratings Bonanza. I'm a little bitter. Can you tell? Congratulations to Urban Meyer, the Florida Gators, and their 66-10 loss to Ohio State. [The Fanhouse]


• "UF will travel to Glendale, Ariz., to take on the #1 Ohio State Buckeyes for the title. Apparently, the Gators' 25.6 style points in Atlanta were enough to send them out west. I'm sure I won't be the only Gator submitting a January 8-9 vacation request at work Monday morning. Michigan? They came in second in a major conference. Mazel tov. The championship game isn't for conference also-rans. It's for champions. Like the Florida Gators. [We Are The Boys]

• It's finally official, the National Title game will be Ohio State v. Florida. It seems the Gators benefited greatly from three things: a) USC losing b) having a schedule that doesn't finish until December c) Jim Walden. Walden voted Florida #1 in the Harris Poll, over undefeated Ohio State, presumably an attempt to keep Michigan out of Glendale. Good ol' Jim's Wikipedia entry is ever changing at the moment. [Buckeye Commentary]

• It's wilted Roses in 2007 as USC and Michigan will rematch their 2004 Rose Bowl-with both coming within a touchdown-combined-of having met in the Bowl Championship Series Title Game. You can just see the excitement on Trojan linebacker Brian Cushing's face about the prospect of returning to Pasadena in a month. [Boi From Troy]

• Hey, when did Gary Danielson sign on to be the official University of Florida announcer? What's that? He's not? Boy, would never have known it from listening to the second half of the SEC Championship game yesterday. Gary head his head so far up the Gators' ass, I thought maybe Urban Meyer was holding one of his kids hostage. And it was an absolute embarrassment to the sports broadcasting profession. [The M Zone]


• "In a process that contained very little drama after the math, leaks and common sense employed today, the BCS selection show confirmed that the Irish will indeed be taking on the Bayou Bengals of LSU in the Sugar Bowl. They aren't very happy, with the 42,000 Rose Bowl tickets already bought and what-not. Remember, it's not Notre Dame's fault the system's broke." [Rakes of Mallow]

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