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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Blogdome: Clueless Cornhusker?

• Is it perhaps time to wonder if Bill Callahan has the slightest idea of what he's doing. [Dirty Laundry]
• Sometimes it's important to remind Ozzie Guillen of what country he's from. [Ron Karkovice Fan Club]
• This Vikings fan could use a new jersey. Help him out. [The Ragnarok]
• Is there a Russia-NHL war going on? [Jeremy's Special Blog]
• You know, the LLWS has been especially ugly this year. [Extra Points]
• Raul Mondesi ... causing trouble. [Mondesi's House]
• Cubs GM Jim Hendry tries to rationalize away the pain. [Bleed Cubbie Blue]
• Red Sox fans still having trouble with the events of the last four days. [140.85]
• A fun Packers site recreates the famous Jim Marshall moment. [Cheese And Packers]
• A look at college football's second half. [Rivalfish]
• It's MJD vs. YAYSports! ... and one HUNDRED dollars are on the line. [YAYSports!]
• Should we prepare ourselves for another Subway Series? [Choke Artist]
• Tiger Woods still might have something to prove. [The Fan's Attic]
• How can the Patriots make up for last year's loss to Denver? [Patriots Blog]
• A former Michigan running back is now on "Entourage." [Awful Announcing]
• How to fix the helplessly screwed up Hank Aaron Award. [Rays Index]
• Hey, what DID ever happen to Toe Nash? [Get Up, Baby]


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