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Blogdome: Drew Ain't All That Bad

• In defense of the Red Sox's J.D. Drew signing. []
• Say goodnight, Duce Staley. [Mondesi's House]
• It's the Selig who stole Christmas. [Athletics Nation]
• Forget Glavine; what other Braves legends could they bring back? [Sports Gone South]
• Rex Grossman, and tainted pork. [Critical Sports]
• Hawk Harrelson ... Hall of Fame broadcaster? [Ron Karkovice Fan Club]
• Now that, friends, is a hockey goal. [10,000 Takes]
• The guy who owns L.A. Gear has this much money? [WBRS Sports Blog]
• The truth behind Shawne Merriman's vacant stare. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]
• Chris Simms' little brother is a feisty one. [Bored At Life]


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