Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

• A week 1 NFL preview ... using Tecmo Bowl! [The Ex-Burgher]
• For 40 minutes, Kevin Kouzmanoff was a baseball god. [High And Inside]
• Keith Hernandez ... "out in the wilderness." [Off Color Commentator]
• Hangin' out with the Football Outsiders dude, yo. [Sportszilla]
• This day in history, in blog form. [Rearview Sports]
• Dan Steinberg, folks, is a really, really good sports blogger, right out of the gate. So pay attention. [DC Sports Bog]
• Michael Lewis, chillin' with Athletics Nation. [Athletics Nation]
• Here's a big list of all the NFL announcing teams you'll be complaining about this season. [Awful Announcing]
• Good for Marion Jones ... bad for Floyd Landis. [The Sports Oasis]
• More women-in-the-locker-room pig-headedness at the U.S. Open. [Anyone For Tennis?]
• When the Red Sox are struggling, fans will do whatever they can to avoid discussing the team. We understand. [Surviving Grady]
• Why this night was different than all other nights. [Zembla]
• That Red Sox-Marlins trade has been pretty nice for Florida, we'd say. [Choke Artist]
• Time's running out for the White Sox to make the playoffs. [Ron Karkovice Fan Club]
• Millionth time: Panthers. Steroids. Super Bowl. Why you not care? [Sports Media Guy]
• A random list of ESPN gripes. [Where Have You Gone, Marge Schott?]
• This is EXACTLY what a fantasy football season feels like. [Slushy Gutter]


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