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Blogdome: Featuring Jewno!

Sure it has nothing to do with anything, but theres only so much Duke I can watch at a time. Continue after the jump for a fantastic edition of Blogdome featuring all of your personal favorite blogs!

Spencer Hall's work from Las Vegas during the tournament really deserves it's own blogdome. Instead I'll just link to the proper tag so that you can see all of it. [The Sporting Blog]


In order to best appreciate Brandon Bass coming at you in three glorious dimensions I'd recommend 1/16th of a hit of acid. ["Watch the Dallas Mavericks Live in 3D" Larry Brown Sports]

The Western Kentucky hero does bear a strong resemblance to Tom Coverdale. Then again, all white people look alike. ["And the guy who hit the winner ..." The Meaningful Collateral]

I'd make fun of Tim Brando, but one time I made fun of a kid who turned out to be "special" and I'm not making that mistake again. ["Please Stop Talking, Tim Brando" Vegas Watch]

The only sporting event that might be better than March Madness. [" If Coaches Were Forced to Use Fisticuffs ..." The Sporting Blogs]


Will this course count towards my Paleontology minor? ["Studying Coach Joe Paterno Now Easier Than Ever" SportsByBrooks]

Add Kansas State/Wisconsin to the list. ["The Greatest Second Round Upsets of All Time" The Love of Sports]


I've had two drafts in the past two days and Lastings Millege is on both rosters, so I'm happy. ["Fantasy Baseball Surprises" Now Watch Me Jock]

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