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Blogdome: Get Drunk For Pain

• Don't use painkillers, NFLers: Just drink Johnnie Walker! [copyranter]
• Beano Cook vs. Brent Musberger: Who wins in a fight? [Loser With Socks]
• Now this guy is very devoted to telling the Phillies how much they stink. [The 700 Level]
• Don't expect an upset for USC this weekend. [The Dar Speaketh]
• Kirk Hinrich can read your freaking mind. [The Basketball Jones]
• The NHL making bad television decisions? Really? [The Fingerman]
• A fun College Humor top 25. [College Humor]
• Redskins fans enjoy Ladell Betts' straight-ahead running ability. [The Hogs]
• Two incredibly strange football betting lines. [Sports Montage]
• It's really not easy being an Orioles fan. [The Loss Column]
• Lots of teams have had tough times of it lately, but the Nationals suffered a particularly difficult weekend. [extra points]

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